Buzza Family History One Name Study - Looking Back At The Highlights




.When I was a teenager and started at grammar school my teacher told me that my name originated in the Mediterranean and that stuck in my head.  Later on, after I was married, I remember seeing the gravestone of my grandfather, Charles Antonia Buzza, and thinking about the middle name.

As a family we did not talk about the past and rarely saw uncles and aunts.  So my past was a bit of a mystery.

So I came to take an interest in genealogy when I was nearing retiral age after 40 odd years in the IT Industry ending up as an eBusiness Consultant.

I started off in the usual way using and got back to ancestors in Cornwall and was tracking a Joseph Buzza and  I could not find him in the 1841 Census!

We live in Scotland, but the family came from Truro between 1841 and 1851.  Joseph Buzza, a carpenter, moved up to Manchester..

!My cousin had also started out looking for the Buzza Clan and I also found information from John Warren together with his version of a tree going back to a John Bossowe in Zennor, Cornwall in 1480!  An ancestor of John married a Buzza in Perranarworthal, Cornwall in 1849.  John is one of the Online Parish Clerk for four parishes in Cornwall, including Perranarworthal.

 I also came across a Charles James Buzza, who turned out to be a relation of mine.  I found out that Joseph Buzza married a second time, in Manchester, so we had another thread to follow.

We went on a holiday to Cornwall and called in the Cornwall Family History Society and I was shown the 1841 Census of the Joseph Buzza that I was looking for.  They also pointed out that he lived round the corner in Freemantle Street.

We also had a look at the Royal Cornwall Museum and asked about Joseph Buzza! The lady showed me an advertisement in an old paper which related to his business and then we continued with our holiday.

Back home I also found out that Charles James Buzza had his family tree done by Jack Buzza of Truro, Cornwall,

 He was not at liberty to tell me more.

Basically I wanted to know the origins of the family name etc.

I also spotted an article in 2009 in “This is Cornwall”  about Jack wanting to pass on his vast work on the Buzza One Name Study due to ill health.  This was made up of 50 A4 files all in paper form.  He was trying to pass it to one of the various research organizations in without success.   So, after quite an amount of discussion, I agreed to take on anything that Jack could send me that had originated on his word processor!

Then it arrived in 6 deliveries!  I must confess to thinking “What have I got in to?!?!”   So I bought a document scanner and scanned the whole lot so it could be retained for posterity.  We had moved from Jack having nobody to pass the work to me having the same problem.  It got worse when Jack had his third stroke after sending the work off to me and last year he had to destroy his paper records on the advice of his doctor and “executors”!

So we get to my original web site and everything that I received is in a ‘time capsule’.  The ‘time capsule’ is rather large and is a ‘zipped’ file BEWARE,

Roger Errington kindly sent me the originals of the paper family tree and I have made them available to download and print.  Please read.

I also got a ‘gedcom’ from Nola Buzza in Australia which she had done on the Redruth Lineage.  This then gives you my work on The Buzzas of Redruth ( my lineage ).

Things have come a long way since these early days and  have helped a few people with their research.

I suppose that my role is adding to the work of Jack, Roger and Nola, bringing it to the world at large.  I add my own research and IT skills to it and get the reward of finding many interesting Buzzas in the process.

For an example I have recently found an Alan Buzza who played for Wasps Rugby Club and his brother, Davids also a top sportsman having a background with the Cornish Pirates RUFC and an association with Exeter Chiefs RUFC.