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When you look at the actual parish records, shown in the BMD St Uny, Redruth. Cornwall, you will appreciate the work that genealogists have undertaken to transcribe the records.

Being able to prove the information that I have been given covering the transition from Bosow to Buzza gave me a great deal of satisfaction.

A Cornish Book that I read attributed the name Buzza to the Cornish Bos ( a dwelling ) or the plural Bosow ( dwellings ) and at the time there was no z in the Cornish language.

Before the name became buzza




Really we are looking at the Buzza / Buzzo name when you look through the Italian research and the subsequent information.

So check out this list.

You get the link with Italy and the first Bussow / Bossow ( plus variants ) in the UK.  So who was the first actual Buzza?  This was in 26 Jan 1672/3 in St Uny, Redruth, Cornwall.   We have Richard son of George Buzza and that can be seem in the records of the BMD St Uny, Redruth Cornwall,  George Buzza was christened George son of Richard Bosow and this can be seen in the BMD St Uny, Redruth, Cornwall.

I have the will of George Bosow mentioning his brother Bartholomew and his 3 sons.

Jack’s Italian Research

Who was the first Buzza?


I have collected together a lot of the material obtained from Jack Buzza who has been researching the family name for 20 years.  He has had to dispose of his paper collection but I have an extensive section of it.

So I am putting it together as a research source on Buzzas and will help with this where I can.

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Jack has done extensive research to establish a link with the family name to Sicily.  I have attached his information here.

There is little doubt that Cornwall with been trading with Italy back to the Roman days.

Tin has been produced in Cornwall and was exported around the world from around St Michael’s Mount / Marazion.  What I didn’t know was that there was  a Norman invasion of Southern Italy and that there was a Kingdom of Sicily, which included a good proportion of Italy  So it is reasonable for the link with the Buzzo name to be adopted into the Cornish roots as the transition from Buzzo to Bosow is not far fetched as it seems.

Certainly the first actual Buzza was the son of George Bosow and when you get to the emigration to the USA in the late 1800s you have both Buzza and Buzzo from Cornwall and Italy.